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From : DreamTeamMoney Team

Dear Friends,

If you want to MAKE MONEY from the Internet at the comfort of your home, you cannot afford to miss joining our Network ...

Ever heard of making money as a team with little effort? Well, you have come to the right place if you love passive/residual income.

With many months of research and development, DreamTeamMoney Network has came up with a mission and system to make money as a team/network. 

Our Mission is to create a system that help you make money as a team with people from all over the world. Helping people make passive/residual income is what we are living for.

What is

Dream Team Money Forum, also called DTM Forum for short is part of the DTM Network. It is one the fastest growing international online money making forum on the internet. Members of DTM Forum discuss topics about HYIPs, Autosurfs, IPO, Bonds, Mutual Funds, E-currency Exchange, Stocks, FOREX, Sport Arbitrages Trading ,Real Estate Properties Investments, Sport Betting, Bookmaker Rating, Commodities, Futures and Casino there.

Dream Team Money Forum stand out among other similar forum as a positive money making forum where all members feel like home. DTM members has a reputation of helping out newcomers of Online Money Making and their friendly and humble nature.

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These service provided by Dream Team Money Forum is absolutely FREE

Another effort  to provide accurate information on paying HYIP and Autosurf is forming partnership with more then eighty reputable Monitor Sites to keep each other update with HYIP and Autosurf that turn into scam. Each Monitor Side has their own Forum section in Dream Team Money Forum under the Reputable Approved HYIP/Autosurf Rating Monitors Site Forum section. Admins of Dream Team Money Forum Monitor Site partner also find it easy to communicate with each other with Dream Team Money Forum serve as the middle man between them. Partnership is formed among admin to fight against scam site.

DreamTeamMoney Network is becoming one of the fastest growing money disucssion board where Positive Networkers leader meet and grow as a team.


Thanks for a very warm and organize board you have got. I am almost online all the time on DreamTeamMoney and i have learn and met lots of quality Networkers making money from various programs as a team.
Hans J., Norway

This is probably the most exciting (and fun!) project I have ever participated in. I am beginning to build up my Dream Points and Experience Points. Why wasn't I told about DTM Network earlier?

Jerry, US

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-Free Signup
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Hi DTM Network,

I have lost enough money in autosurfing and hyip investment. I am just so glad you guys showed me this wonderful way to invest my time networking and finding some great referral programs

Tan L, Singapore

Imagine joining a Network full of positive Networkers. You should try to make some friends adding them to your Messengers, posting around to make your name famous.

How much Dream Points can I make per post?

You can earn ranging from about 20 points to 50 points per post.

What is Dream Points and what can i do with it?

Dream Points FAQ

Q.) What is Dream Points.
A.) We value DreamPoints as DTM forum's online money. It is the same as offline, if you have the correct knowledge to grow your investment offline, you can do the same online virtually. Of course, the more DreamPoints you have, the more our members respect you

Q.) Where can i check my Dream Points?
A.) Your DreamPoints can be found below your Post count.

Q.) How do i earn Dream Points?
A.) You can earn DreamPoints by posting around where DreamPoint income is stated. The average earning per post is 25 DreamPoints and you can even earn up to 300 DreamPoints per post.

Q.) What can I do with my Dream Points?
A.) We are doing all we can to push the value of DreamPoints. Our mission is to make DreamPoints a real assets where members can buy and trade it seriously.

1.) You can trade your DreamPoints with members.
2.) Sell it to other members.
3.) Exchange it for banner advertisement on DreamTeamMoney forum.
4.) Sell your product accepting DreamPoints with other members.
5.) Buy products using DreamPoints from other members.
6.) Start an expensive advertisement thread.
7.) Redeem gift/membership with DreamPoints when avaliable.
8.) Invest your money with DreamTeamMoney's Bank and grow it.
See Bank FAQ here
9.) Use your DreamPoints to do Stocks trading (Coming Soon)
10.) Play Poker with Dream Points

Members with higher Dream Points always gain alittle more respect.

Q.) What if i have negative Dream Points?
A.) You will have 48 hours to top up your DreamPoints or you will have to declare bankrupt and you will be banned from the forum for 365 days.

Q.) What if i reached 100% warning level?
A.) When you reached 100% warning level, you will be banned from the forum, all your DreamPoints will be confiscated permanently.

Q.) What if i am reported for posting useless informations?
A.) You will have a warning increase of 20% and 100 DreamPoints will be deducted from you.

Q.) Can we buy Dream Points from you?
A.) Yes. Dream Points are avaliable for buying at,
2,500 Points at $7
25,000 Points at $55
50,000 Points at $99
Please send e-gold to account
1946938 (Dream Team Service)
And PM me (alexeow) with your receipt and your points will be credited within 24 hours

Q.) Do i get Dream Points when i refer a member?
A.) Yes, you will get 350 dreamPoints when you refer a member to DreamTeamMoney forum. Just get him/her to PM us your user name and you will be credited with 350 DreamPoints within 24 hours.

Q.) Will i get Free Dream Points when i signup?
A.) Yes, each members gets 100 Free DreamPoints once they sign up.

* We reserved the rights to change the value of DreamPoint.
* We reserved the rights to edit your DreamPoints if rules are not followed properly.

Hi DreamTeamMoney,

I am a full time networker and is currently the top leader in an international health supplement company. I have got good results posting my program on your board. Thank you for creating a board to gather all the strong leaders.

Møller-Andersen, Denmark

Hello and thank you for giving me an opportunity to host my live chat session on your "Live chat room" We are having a great time using your live chat room for conference.

Paul P, Germany

Relationship or network marketing creates the most powerful form of LEVERAGE!

I would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of my own effort
by John Paul Getty


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